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“Wakestock Party Girl” bloggers

Wakestock Old Lady Bloggers

Cassie Stewart, Raymi the Minx, Carly Anne, & Lauren O’Nizzle are going to be “Wakestock party girls” this year in Collingwood… Not sure what the point of this is – who wants to hand around with bloggers at a Public Enemy concert?

Raymi makes the scene

“i am also being railroaded in some shitty cbc obsessed thread right now because jian ghomeshi had the audacity to be friends with some of my friends, egad! twerps who aren’t part of any scene whatsoever have no idea how people’s lives in the city actually are. i bet they just go to work and […]

The end of Dead Things on Sticks

Denis McGrath

Dead Things on Sticks finally closes down. If you had money in the Canadian Blog Deadpool, you won. Next up? Inside the CBC. As Raymi once said: the more blogs that drop out, the more room for mine. (via Mondoville)

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