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Slow news day at the ‘Stun’

A newspaper owned by a conglomerate whose broadcasters are in direct competition with the CBC runs a front-page screamer about a memo that hasn’t been sent yet. The gist? The Corpse is begging for money instead of just going broke like the Aspers. Still, Hubie “ ‘cannot and will not predict the outcome’ of the agency’s […]

And Hubert takes no responsibility

But Sylvain Lafrance has “taken note”. That’s leadership. $60,000 Harvard leadership.

Dining with The Culture Makers

Outrage over CBC executives’ expense accounts is all the rage this season. Much as it was in the 40s, when execs regularly used these accounts to double their salaries. Most of it was spent on hard liquor in the prairies. Those were the days! Nowadays you spend it on a Harvard education and the media […]

Seeing our way through tough financial times

Many of you will know that, as early as September, we forecasted a worsening of the economic climate and, in fact, Richard Stursberg went as far as informing all his staff of actions taken to respond. On October 31, Richard further announced to his staff his assessment of the effect of the widening economic crisis […]

Letter from the CBC President concerning the retirement of Patrick Brown and Don Murray

Oct 27, 2008 To: Joyce NapierHead, Foreign Correspondents Association Dear Joyce,Thank you for your letter of October 20th 2008, outlining your concerns about the contract status of correspondents Don Murray and Patrick Brown. I completely agree with your view of their qualities as journalists and the valuable service they’ve provided to CBC News throughout their […]

Letter to the CBC President requesting the reinstatement of Patrick Brown and Don Murray

To: Hubert Lacroix, CBC PresidentCopies to:Richard Stursberg, Vice-President, English TelevisionJohn Cruickshank, Publisher, CBC News and Current Affairs Sir,While we realize CBC is facing budgetary pressures, and that resources are increasingly precious, we do not understand the decision of senior management to cashier Don Murray and Patrick Brown. First, it is clear they both received a […]


Today I attended the superglamorous “launch” of the “new” CBC Radio 2, which shall début to howls of geriatric outrage on September 2. (Full photos.) The graphic-design approach was not original, but was typographic and well-executed. The event was held in Studio 41 way up on the top floor. You had to walk though a […]

Moving On from Search Engine

Can everyone stop acting like the cancellation of Search Engine is a fatal wound to the heart of the nation, sort of like Gzowski’s calling it quits or the shitcanning of This Hour Has Seven Days? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Host Jesse Brown is waaay funnier in person than in […]

…and don’t forget Norman Bethune

Today President Hubert asked China’s ambassador to Canada to unblock CBC.ca and radio-canada.ca, which it has been doing for several months at least. This is a pretty bold move by the president and I applaud him for it. I also wonder how far he’s willing to take this. Would he sacrifice our Olympic broadcasts to […]

A new hope?

Ever since I appeared on the Search Engine radio show I’ve received many weird and wonderful emails from around the world. I consider myself very fortunate. And ever since I appeared on the Search Engine radio show I’ve been thinking about what the president said about me, about you, about this blog and about communication […]

CBC President and Ouimet on Search Engine

Not together, unfortunately. We were interviewed separately. And my part was an IM chat with Jesse Brown, which they are going to run through a Speak & Spell so you can hear my “voice” on the radio. They wanted to talk about the Tea Makers, about posting anonymously, and about the President’s recent comments on […]

Guest blogger: An easy win for Hubie the Love Bug

Sent to us by Joe Clark.Enjoy.~O I’m going to accept – officially, at least – that the sitting president of the CBC really is reading its most famous external blog. Hubert Lacroix seems to be new to the idea of open communication, where people say what they actually think, sometimes including jurons or swear words. […]

Guest blogger: Hubert!

Sent to me by sadforcbc.Enjoy.~O Sadforcbc here. I haven’t weighed in for a while, not since we’ve had a fresh face or two. President Hubert! Seems ! Exclamationarily ! Excited! In his new role! The new fellow is a breath of fresh air. No stuffy suit he. A down to earth human guy and a […]

Guest blogger: Bonjour, me voici! / Hello, I’m in!

President Hubert sent this out yesterday.No doubt it is written as a calculated move to distinguish himself from his predecessor. No doubt it is written to assuage the fears of those who are waiting for his demands that “Hoosiers,” “Hoop Dreams,” “The Basketball Diaries,” “Baseketball,” and even “Teen Wolf” are to be played every weekend. […]

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