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Screwed, factually

I guess we should be shocked by the revelation that contract employees were being taken advantage of, but is anyone really? She also explained that she and her colleagues routinely put in overtime to get the show on the air but were told, as self-assigning employees, they were not to report their hours of work […]

Gill Deacon part 3: and the floor director shook my hand

The last installment of Allen‘s Gill Deacon Trilogy.~O Really, I was thrilled to see Gill and the crew in person when I volunteered last week. I didn’t want or ask for or expect anything. Today’s first audience did a little better. Let’s see. A book. A CBC belt buckle. A gift certificate from The Bay. […]

Gill Deacon part 2: Snow White as eco-warrior

This one was sent in by Mr. Allen.Submissions can be sent to cbcteamakers@hotmail.com.I haven’t turned one down yet.~O Thanks to my Google Alert, I can now enjoy even more pictures of the beautiful Gill Deacon, with the announcement of her own web pages at – http://www.cbc.ca/gill/ – where we learn the full 5 W’s of […]

Guest blogger: My blind date with Gill Deacon

This one was sent to me by regular Tea Makers commenter and raconteur Allen.Enjoy.~O I had volunteered to be part of a fake studio audience for a new show, in return for … not even so much as a cookie or a T-shirt, let alone the keys to a new car under my seat. But […]