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Jesse Hirsh on G20 coverage

“There was a clear contrast between journalists who were using Twitter and journalists who weren’t. Journalists giving on-the-ground reports were far more accurate than those in newsrooms like (Peter) Mansbridge or Ann Rohmer. They thought they were doing value-added voiceover, but they really weren’t tied in to what was really happening.” – Jesse Hirsh, Coverage […]

Jennifer Hollett Photoshop Contest

jennifer hollett stay puff'd

Most creative entry wins a CBC Press Pass.


“so the Johns basically admit that the nature of the media beast is to keep feeding it the same old spicy story. not much respect for their readers/viewers and not much respect for the seriousness of the issues (political/economic/legal). must be nice to work in ‘spectacle’ while the rest of us hold power accountable and […]

CBC-TV News gets pwned

CBC-TV News gets pwned

It was a major, historic event in downtown Toronto, right next to the CBC building, and TV-watching citizens were asking: where’s the CBC? Quite simply, Twitter & YouTube & TwitPic & Qik kicked the shit out of them. A handful of free tools that didn’t exist 5 years ago just pwned your half-a-century-old billion-dollar National […]

CBC presents apt photographic metaphor for G20 summit

CBC presents apt photographic metaphor for G20 summit
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