Head out your ass?

What happened? Able to finally get your head out of your ass?

Another thing I don’t like about Tod Maffin

Another thing I don't like about Tod Maffin

Tod headlines the news that Stursberg has “resigned” from the CBC. I ask him … He deletes my question and changes the headline to “leaves”. Where’s the honesty in that?

“Wakestock Party Girl” bloggers

Wakestock Old Lady Bloggers

Cassie Stewart, Raymi the Minx, Carly Anne, & Lauren O’Nizzle are going to be “Wakestock party girls” this year in Collingwood… Not sure what the point of this is – who wants to hand around with bloggers at a Public Enemy concert?

A Discerning Bot

A Discerning Bot

what George isn’t doing

He’s not on TV or radio talking or being seen with ordinary Canadians. He’s not part of creating a new independent FM. He’s not producing any documentaries or even fun shows. He’s not taking us anywhere. He’s not being funny, ever. He’s not writing a blog or his own lines on The Hour. He’s unable […]

George in Glee on Ice

Dropping the microphone as if he were losing an erection. That’s got to have taken some practice.

Bring me the head of Theresa Lalonde

Theresa Lalonde

Clearly, Theresa Lalonde must be stopped.

Jennifer Hollett Photoshop Contest

jennifer hollett stay puff'd

Most creative entry wins a CBC Press Pass.

Silence of the Lambs: Mercer, Stroumboulopoulos, Ghomeshi

Silence of the Lambs: Mercer, Stroumboulopoulos, Ghomeshi

Strangely quiet

Fake Tweet Contest

Fake Tweet Contest

I’m not sure what the prize will be other than making a young woman smile. Rules: Take your fave CBC personality and make a tweet. Allan is already in the lead with these gems.

The end of Dead Things on Sticks

Denis McGrath

Dead Things on Sticks finally closes down. If you had money in the Canadian Blog Deadpool, you won. Next up? Inside the CBC. As Raymi once said: the more blogs that drop out, the more room for mine. (via Mondoville)

JobLoft guys are millionaires???

How many freakin’ links to TeamSave are there in this article?–saving-money-with-online-teamwork “Competition isn’t new to Nguyen and Liu. Before launching, the duo, along with two other classmates from Ryerson University, founded, a website that specialized in the retail, food and hospitality industries. “With JobLoft, we were competing against 40,000 job sites that […]

CTV at the Oltmpics: “Drop Your Gear”

The look on the anchors’ faces after the MuchMusic contribution is priceless.

This just in… “This Sucks.”

This just in… “This Sucks.”

Has anyone been following the “G20 Street Team?” Not only is the name straight out of last century, but this has to be the biggest group of handpicked whiny bitches assembled in recent memory. Every post on the blog adds up to: This Sucks. I’m curious to see if they can keep up this […]