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Hubert: make us an offer

In his speech to the Empire Club today, Hubert suggested that the CBC may have to sell anything not nailed down to make it through the tough times: “Frankly, all the options are on the table in terms of trying to monetize some of our assets to generate some revenues.” According to the CP, “A […]

Jeffrey Dvorkin’s mission: impossible

From Now the Details: Like many media organizations, the CBC is overextended in terms of content. In short, it produces too much for too few people. Its flagship TV newscast runs third in the ratings and its news department has lost money and influence to other programming department. CBC says it has no choice; the […]

CMG agreement ratified

According to the CMG, the future starts now.

Wikipedia cofounder nearly ousted by spider-tattooed ex-CBCer

From Valleywag: How did Wales come to this embarrassing pass? The former porn merchant and options trader, who has traded sex and money for his help in getting Wikipedia entries edited, has met his Machiavellian match, in the form of Sue Gardner, a Gothy, spider-tattooed Canadian pop-culture expert who now runs the site he helped […]

50 Tracks for Obama

We did this once before. Actually twice. But fresh ideas can be hard to come by. Just ask Maestro Fresh Wes, who suggests that Obama listen to.. um, Maestro Fresh Wes.

Merry Recycled Christmas

With a hiring freeze on non-essential senior managers and the chilly no-party zone that is the CBC this Christmas season, it might warm you up to look back on a time when holiday-themed promotional animated gifs flowed like unused drink tickets in the Atrium. In these frugal times recycling old sentiments seems not just natural, […]

Confessions of a CBC Girl

For obvious reasons, Confessions of a CBC Girl will not be added to the Tea Makers sidebar links. But Jeffrey Dvorkin’s Now The Details will be. These links have not been updated since 2007. If there any other CBC-related sites we are missing, let us know in the comments.

One vp to rule us all

It seems like only a week ago President Hubert was declaring war against wastefulness at the CBC, like Eliott Ness going after Al Capone: In other words, if it’s discretionary, it’s gone. If it’s anything less than a bona fide requirement, it’s gone. If it’s not absolutely strategic, it’s gone. Well, that was last week. […]

Stursberg and Cruikshank and your media

The Globe and Mail quotes Stursberg: He was a great fit here. We got on great. I’m very fond of him. People in news admired him as a great leader. Sometimes these things happen. And Fake Tod Maffin at insidethecbc quotes Cruikshank: I’m going to The Star because I want to go back to newspapers […]

Dining with The Culture Makers

Outrage over CBC executives’ expense accounts is all the rage this season. Much as it was in the 40s, when execs regularly used these accounts to double their salaries. Most of it was spent on hard liquor in the prairies. Those were the days! Nowadays you spend it on a Harvard education and the media […]


Special thanks to Dubi Kaufmann for providing the image. Check out his Obamafy Photo Booth Plugin.

CBC vs. Government

Questionable CBC expenses might be small change compared to the Conservative government which is probably why the opposition parties warn that the Conservatives are prepping the public for the inevitable and Timothy Casgrain will explain everything to the new heritage minister when he’s damn good and ready.And not a minute before.You a-holes.

Rumours swirl like flakes in a November snowstorm

The “Festivus Echo Chamber Miracle in The TBC Atrium,” commonly known as the “CBC Christmas Party,” has been canceled, as have all corporate-sponsored parties from sea to sea to sea. Cuts come to CBC News on Nov. 26. Fecan’s Folly II: Richard’s RevengeThe National will be moved to 11 o’clock to make room for Stursberg’s […]

Crusty curmudgeon complains about R2

Yeah, I know. But this one has charts.

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